Research Projects and Activities


The research group is focused on the development of solutions for analysis of bacterial cultures images. The explorations performed span from typical RGB images, through hyperspectral imaging and light scattering analysis. 


For how concern classical image analysis the effort is mainly in image co-registration, segmentation and image understanding, with the aim to automate tasks such as quantitative and qualitative bacterial load estimation, also know as colony counting, automatic bacterial colonies differentiation for differential solid agar, and so on.


The group has experimented also the application of hyperspectral technology towards bacterial colonies identification. The reflectance fingerprint of bacterial species has been experimented in order to classify between different bacteria.


Currently the group has started to experiment the application of light scattering technologies for bacterial identification in the microbiological clinical field. Light scattering has been originally adopted by the Bhunia Lab to identify bacterial colonies at the serovar level for food safety.